Ogmore MP Releases Next Round of Advice Surgeries

Chris Elmore, MP for Ogmore, has announced his schedule of Advice Surgeries for November. These are as follows: Saturday, 4th November | 10am-11am | Pencoed (Chris Elmore MP’s Office, 44a Penybont Road) – with Huw Irranca-Davies AM Friday, 10th November | 4pm – 5pm | Llangeinor (Richard Price Centre) – with Huw Irranca-Davies AM Friday, 17th November | 11am – 12pm | Llanharan (Llnahran Rugby Club) Friday, 24th November | 2pm – 3pm | Maesteg (Tesco) Constituents are also advised that they can always get in touch with Chris by contacting his office on 01656 860 034 or by emailing chris.elmore.mp@parliament.uk if they have issues to raise but are unable to attend an Advice Surgery.

Successful Launch at Tondu House Farm

STEER – The Enterprise Academy at Tondu House Farm has enjoyed a successful launch of its new Resource and Wellbeing Centre with key community figures and members of the public in attendance. MP for Ogmore, Chris Elmore, attended the event which sought to celebrate the developing facility and its recent achievements. Mr Elmore commented: “The Enterprise Academy is a gem nestled in the Tondu countryside. Whether it be for staff training events, to rural walks, to a quick cuppa at the community café, this place has it all!” STEER is developing an exemplar model of local sustainable development. Currently at the 37-acre site, there is a community café, facilities for workshops, a residential bu

"Be Smart... Get a Smart Meter", says Ogmore MP

Chris Elmore MP has met with representatives from Smart Energy GB in Parliament to re-iterate the need to get a smart meter fitted. At an event in Parliament, the Ogmore MP was updated on the roll-out of smart meters across the UK and was provided with a crash course in how to use the latest meter. Mr Elmore commented: “Following my the Smart Energy Advice surgery I held in Cefn Cribwr recently, I know just how much money can potentially be saved by effectively using a smart meter. I’d highly encourage all local residents to contact their energy provider.” The local MP and Assembly Member, Huw Irranca-Davies, held a busy Smart Energy Advice Surgery last month which informed local residents a

Chris Elmore Seeks #CountThemIn Campaign Assurances

Chris Elmore, MP for Ogmore, has asked the UK government to consider changing the census to help identify armed forces veterans in need of support. Mr Elmore raised this issue expressing his support for the Royal British Legion’s “Count Them In” campaign which seeks to add a question to the national census to help identify former service personnel. The Ogmore MP commented: “I’m proud to support the Count Them In campaign – it’s vitally important that we are able to identify where our former armed forces men and women are so that we can ensure they are able to access support services long after they finish their initial service.” Mr Elmore questioned Defence Minister, Tobias Ellwood MP, about

My Glamorgan Gazette Column - October 2017

Glamorgan Gazette Column - October 2017 Chris Elmore's Westminster Eye Last week in Parliament we saw that we truly do have a zombie government in Downing Street. On Wednesday, the Government was defeated by 299 votes to 0 on a vote calling for the roll-out of Universal Credit to be scrapped. The Tories chose not to take part in this vote because they knew that they would lose. We therefore now know that this government is in such a weak position that it cannot command a majority in the House of Commons for its own policies. The wider point here is the reason why this opposition debate was called in the first place. The roll-out of Universal Credit has started and, whilst it won’t reach this

Chris Elmore MP Accepts Post Office Award on Behalf of Ogmore

Chris Elmore MP is showing support for Post Offices in the Ogmore constituency, after attending a Parliamentary event in Westminster to find out how local branches are providing vital services to the community. During this meeting, he also accepted an award on behalf of the constituency for the most cash withdrawals from Post Offices in rural areas. The event, held at the House of Commons on Wednesday 18th October, showcased Post Office products and services to MPs from across the country, particularly highlighting the access that branches provide to banking services and household bill payments. Bank branch closures can have a real impact on a community, so Post Office branches have an impor

Chris Elmore MP Joins Calls to #ProtectTheProtectors

MP for Ogmore, Chris Elmore, has joined with parliamentary colleagues in supporting the Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Bill – dubbed the “Protect the Protectors Bill”. The Private Members Bill, brought forward by Rhondda MP, Chris Bryant, seeks to crack down on attacks against emergency workers doing their job. Mr Elmore said: “I was pleased to raise the issue of first responders who frequently find themselves in harm’s way. I’ve received assurances that such workers will be covered by this legislation if it is passed into law. I’m delighted that this cause has received such wide support across parties.” Back in June, figures indicated attacks on South Wales firefighters had almost

Ogmore MP Speaks Out on Women Leaving Prison

MP for Ogmore, Chris Elmore, led a debate in Westminster Hall this week concerning the pressures faced by women leaving prison. He called on the UK Government to improve rehabilitation so that women could be “free from homelessness, poverty and reconviction” upon being released. Today, in the UK, there are over 4,000 women in prison – a figure which has doubled in the past 20 years. 48% of women are re-convicted within a year of leaving prison. Such issues – which often result in re-offending – include: addiction, homelessness, unemployment, relationship breakdown, financial difficulties, domestic violence and mental health problems. As part of the debate, Mr Elmore said: “Women leaving pris

Strong Leadership Needed to Tackle HIV Internationally, says Ogmore MP

MP for Ogmore, Chris Elmore, has reaffirmed his support for those living with HIV this week and has called for a strong leadership from the UK Government to help tackle the issue internationally. Mr Elmore met with STOPAIDS this week, which is a membership network of 70 organisations with a distinguished 30-year history. STOPAIDS believes that the only way to tackle HIV and AIDS is through cooperation. They would like to see a truly global response to tackling the illness. Chris Elmore MP commented: “We have come along way in terms of reducing the stigma around HIV and AIDS but there is still much more to be done internationally. The UK Government must be a leader on this issue; not a follo

England's University Funding Model Should Take Inspiration From Wales

Article originally published in The Times Higher Education supplement. Over the summer, the UK chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond, if you believe reports, was mulling over a cut to tuition fees in England. The reduction – be it of 16 per cent, or maybe even a brazen 30 per cent – was, it seems, a step too far for the frugal Hammond, who instead chose to make a song and dance of keeping tuition fees at £9,250 a year. It was, I believe, a token gesture, aimed at winning over students and the young. But in believing that such a paltry policy could do so, the government has proved how alien they are to students and the higher education debate. There is merit in the idea that a more deep-

Prisons are Letting Women Down

The women’s prison population in England and Wales has doubled in the past 20 years. As a result, there are now close to 7,000 women reentering society each year. Most will not have a home to go to, most will not find employment and most will reoffend. It is an epidemic and homelessness is at the crux. On release, six in 10 women do not have a home to go to. With no place of their own, some are turned down by friends and family who avoid them due to their conviction. With sparse temporary accommodation available to local authorities, women end up on the streets. It is an issue in itself which also lends to further difficulties. Without an address – permanent or temporary – safe and secure em

Moving Start to Remembrance in the Garw Valley

Ogmore MP, Chris Elmore, has spoken of the moving concert he attended to mark the start of remembrance commemorations in the Garw Valley. Mr Elmore attended the Poppy Appeal concert at the Garw Valley Leisure Centre which featured musical interludes from the Band and Corps of Drums of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines and Maesteg Male Voice Choir. Mr Elmore commented: “Remembrance is always a moving time of the year when we reflect on those who have served from across our communities. It’s a vital time to come together to express our thanks for the sacrifices made by so many in order for us to enjoy the freedoms we do today.” Concert goers were also treated to performances from three local primary

Top Marks Again at Bridgend College Awards, says Ogmore MP

Ogmore MP, Chris Elmore, has congratulated students at Bridgend College at their annual Higher Education awards ceremony in Pencoed. Students were conferred in front of an audience of friends, family, lecturers and invited guests, to the University of South Wales and Cardiff Metropolitan University. Mr Elmore commented: “Bridgend College really does go from strength to strength. Every time I visit the college, I’m amazed by the level of talent which is put on display – the college really does act as an educational springboard for our local young people.” Hundreds of students graduated across two ceremonies were held at the college’s Pencoed Campus on Saturday, 14th October. The local MP con

Ogmore MP's "Big Day Out" in Caerau

Chris Elmore MP has had a fantastic day visiting local residents and community projects across Caerau, Maesteg. Throughout the day, Mr Elmore visited the Noddfa Community Project, Caerau Primary School and Caerau Community Garden before rounding off with an Advice Surgery for constituents. Chris Elmore MP commented: “I’ve had an excellent day up in Caerau. It’s great to see the community working together an The Noddfa Community Project offers opportunities for children, young people and adults to access activities, workshops, training, informal learning, accredited learning, as well as the day-to-day activities for all members of the community. The Caerau Community Garden are a community-run

Stem Cell Transplant Recovery Needs Attention, says Ogmore MP

Recovery following a stem cell transplant needs to be dealt with as seriously as seeking a donor for the initial transplant, the MP for Ogmore has asserted. Local MP, Chris Elmore, has attended an event in Parliament with Anthony Nolan: the UK’s blood cancer charity. The event sought to raise awareness of the struggles faces by those patients recovering following major stem cell transplant surgery. Mr Elmore commented: “By 2020, there will be over 16,000 people living post-transplant, a significant proportion of whom will be experiencing both physical and psychological side-effects that can last for many months or even years.” Research conducted by the charity shows that only half (54%) of t

“Help Those Whose World Has Stopped”, says Ogmore MP

Chris Elmore, MP for Ogmore, sought to raise awareness of the important issue of pregnancy and baby loss during Baby Loss Awareness Week this week. Across the UK, an average of nine babies are still born every single day, resulting in heartbreak for relatives, friends, but most importantly the mother and the father. Mr Elmore commented: “The loss of a baby is unimaginable for somebody who hasn’t gone through it. The world must just stop. This week has provided a great opportunity to raise awareness of this, often taboo, issue which affects so many.” Around half of all stillbirths are linked to placental complications. Other causes include bleeding before or during labour, placental abruption

St Cien’s Medieval Festival Hits the Bullseye!

Ogmore MP and AM, Chris Elmore and Huw Irranca-Davies, took a step into the past at the Medieval Festival at St Cien’s Church, nestled in Llangeinor. Swapping parliamentary debate for bows and arrows, the local duo had a fantastic time joining local residents for activities including historical re-enactments, lessons on medieval medicine, and talks about the history of the church. Mr Elmore commented: “Many thanks to the local Mothers’ Union, all of the church volunteers, and everyone else who was involved in putting on this superb event. It was great to learn more about the cultural heritage of the area – the fancy dress was great too!”. Dozens of residents from the surrounding Ogmore and G

PMQs: Theresa May Urged To Intervene at Ford, Bridgend, After “Neglecting” Welsh Economy

Ogmore MP, Chris Elmore, challenged Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, accusing her of neglecting the South Wales economy. Mr Elmore said: “The Prime Minister will be aware that last month, Jaguar Land Rover announced that they would be ending their contract early, putting 640 jobs at risk. The Prime Minister has scrapped rail electrification, is flip-flopping on delivering the tidal lagoon, so will she now step up, work with Welsh Government, Ford, and the trade unions, help save the jobs and help ensure a positive future for the South Wales economy?”. Wednesday’s edition of PMQs follows the Prime Minister’s disastrous conference speech which saw Theresa May embarrassed

My Glamorgan Gem Column - October 2017

Glamorgan Gem Column | Chris Elmore MP “Over 7,000 Words and Not a Single Mention of Wales” I’ll be honest. On a human level, I felt ever so slightly sorry for Theresa May last week. Struggling through her conference speech, she had to deal with being handed a P45 by an intruder, losing her voice, and her slogan literally falling apart behind her as she spoke. My sympathy can only go so far, though, when considering what – for me – was a bigger take-home message from the Prime Minister’s speech. At almost an hour and a quarter in length, taking in over 7,000 words, she forgot to mention one key thing: Wales. Not a single mention. Not so much as an acknowledgement of the issues communities up

7,000 Words and Not a Single Mention of Wales

Article originally published in the Huffington Post. Conference season has drawn to a close as the requiem of Theresa May’s premiership played out on the floor of the conference hall in Manchester. The last two weeks have illustrated a tired government: without ideas, without a clear mandate, and most crucially of all – without hope. What a contrast we’ve seen over the last fortnight as a beleaguered Prime Minister attempted to renew the fatally-tainted brand of the Conservative Party whilst an energised Labour Party offered an optimistic vision which would benefit the entire United Kingdom. I have to admit, on a human level, I did have sympathy for the difficulties Theresa May faced during

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