Ogmore MP: We Must Debunk Cancer Myths To Save Lives

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week is designed to bust the myths and fight the stigma through Jo’s Trust’s #SmearForSmear campaign. Local MP Chris Elmore has thrown his support firmly behind the campaign. Cervical cancer is almost wholly preventable, and yet, because of many of the common myths around the HPV infection that can cause it, many women do not go for their smear tests regularly. Research in November 2018 showed that going for a smear test in the UK had reached a 21-year low. Chris Elmore MP said: “Women are needlessly at risk of cervical cancer because of the low level of smear tests being attended in the UK. There are many misconceptions that are affecting women’s health. Thanks to

“We must never forget Europe’s darkest time” – Chris Elmore MP

On Holocaust Memorial Day, Chris Elmore MP reiterated the importance of commemorating the victims of the Holocaust and those from genocides around the world that have followed. Monday 27 January marked Holocaust Memorial Day which serves as a powerful reminder of the 6 million Jewish men, women, and children who were murdered by the Nazis during the Second World War, the other victims of the Holocaust, as well as those victims of genocides since in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur. Chris Elmore MP said: “We must never forget the horrors of the Holocaust, and the terrible crimes that were allowed to happen across Europe. This grows ever more important as we move further away from the even

“We must do more to protect children online” – Chris Elmore

Chris Elmore MP has announced his intention to hold an inquiry into the alarming trend of young children being groomed online to take explicit images of themselves. New research from the Internet Watch Foundation highlighted alarming numbers of webpages showing sexual abuse of children. As Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Media, Chris will be looking into this issue as a matter of urgency. The Ogmore MP urged the UK Government to take action to protect vulnerable children and to ensure that social media companies finally take responsibility for content that is posted on their platforms. Chris Elmore MP said: “The sheer number of reported images is as shocking as it is sic

“Strengthening the Union requires full-throated commitment to upholding the devolution settlement” –

Ogmore MP Chris Elmore has warned UK Government ministers not to run roughshod over the devolution settlement through the Shared Prosperity Fund. The new Welsh Secretary, Simon Hart MP, failed to confirm whether the Welsh Labour Government would have control over the new fund, that is set to replace EU structural funding post-2020. At the first Wales Questions of the decade, Mr Hart was repeatedly asked to clarify details about how the fund will work by MPs. Despite there being only 11 months until the fund is scheduled to come into force, the only assurance Mr Hart was able to give was that it would not “drive a coach and horses” through the current devolution settlement. Chris Elmore MP sa

Chris Elmore calls on UK Government to take action on domestic abuse ahead of Six Nations

Welsh Labour MP Chris Elmore has called on UK Government ministers to address the rise in cases of domestic abuse that commonly accompanies major sporting events. The Ogmore MP asked Justice Ministers to do more to prevent such observed spikes in domestic abuse ahead of the Six Nations tournament which begins next month. He also stressed the need to invest in support services for domestic abuse victims. The Domestic Abuse Bill passed through its second reading in Parliament before the General Election and featured in the Queen’s Speech on 19 December. MPs and domestic abuse charities are now waiting to hear when the Bill will return to Committee stage. Chris Elmore MP said: “There is signifi

Ogmore MP: “Our world is burning – we must not fail to act.”

Local Labour MP Chris Elmore has called on the UK Government to prioritise climate change mitigation at the crucial upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). Following a government statement on Australia’s wildfires crisis last week, the Ogmore MP, expressed his sorrow over the catastrophic fires that have plagued the country since late July. He also called on ministers to work internationally to solve the climate crisis. Over 1 billion animals and 25 people are thought to have been killed so far during the wildfire season, which has seen in excess of 25 million acres of land burnt. Chris Elmore MP said: “Australia’s Prime Minister may be in denial over the impact of climate

“Our devolved administrations deserve genuine consultation” – Chris Elmore MP

Chris Elmore MP has called on the UK Government to finally start working with the Welsh Government to clarify how the Shared Prosperity Fund will work for Wales. Following numerous interventions from the Ogmore MP during the last Parliament, Chris highlighted the uncertainty plaguing the Welsh economy as a result of the UK Government’s intransigence. The Shared Prosperity Fund is set to be used as a vehicle through which the UK Government can allocate regional investment that would otherwise have stemmed from EU funding streams. Concerns have repeatedly been raised about the amount of funding that will be made available to Wales through the fund post-2020. During the passage of the EU Withdr

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