MP Sponsors Workers Rights Bill

Ogmore MP Chris Elmore has co-sponsored a bill in Parliament to protect workers’ rights post-Brexit. The bill, designed to protect things such as maternity leave, holiday pay and equal rights, was launched on Wednesday at an event in Westminster. Co-signatory of the bill Chris Elmore, MP for Ogmore, said: “European law currently protects workers’ rights, all this bill does is guarantees those rights once we leave the European Union. I think everyone will be in favour of safe working practices, holiday pay and maternity/paternity leave rights so I’m surprised the government is unlikely to support the bill.”

The bill has an uphill battle to become law and will now receive a second reading on Friday (13th) if it passes it will go to Committee. It will then go to its third reading where if it passes will go to the House of lord before receiving a Royal Assent and be written into law.

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