Community Garden Needs Money To Continue

January 31, 2017

Evanstown Community Garden is in need of investment if it is to survive in years to come. 


The garden, which has become a social hub for Evanstown, needs the investment to repair planting beds and new compost. 


The site is on top of a former housing site and requires fresh compost in order to grow. The garden has united the community and has attracted volunteers and garden users of all ages. It requires only a small amount of investment for what will guarantee the continuation of the garden.     


Chris Elmore MP, on visiting the volunteers, said: "What Mark Street has done here is truly fantastic. They've turned a site that was used for fly tipping and an eye sore into a community hub for all ages. I'm hopeful they can achieve their fundraising potential. I've invited the group to a funding advice day I'm hosting and hope it's useful for them."  


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Published and Promoted by Carys Price on behalf of Chris Elmore both at 44a Penybont Road, Pencoed, CF35 5RA.

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