Ogmore MP Promotes Suicide Prevention On Public Transport

Ogmore MP Chris Elmore joined the Samaritans in promoting suicide prevention on the transport network this week. Currently, 13,000 rail staff have received training through a programme which aims to help staff prepare for, and recognise, when and how they can intervene if someone looks like they may be experiencing suicidal thoughts.

The Ogmore MP said:

“It’s important we promote suicide prevention and indeed make sure staff are trained in spotting the suicidal thoughts. I’m pleased to support the Samaritans in their work with workplaces in skilling staff. Nobody wants to be suicidal and the more of us who are skilled in knowing the signs the more people can, hopefully, be helped.”

The Samaritans ran the event: Moving in the right direction: suicide prevention and the transport network this week.

Published and Promoted by Carys Price on behalf of Chris Elmore both at 44a Penybont Road, Pencoed, CF35 5RA.

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