MP Welcomes Girlguides to Parliament

Chris Elmore MP welcomed a group of 20 young people from Girlguiding UK and UpRising to learn more about MPs and their work in Parliament. Speaking at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s event for Parliament Week, representatives from both groups were encouraged to learn more about the workings of parliament and how they can become more involved with the political process.

The event was also an opportunity for young people to ask questions to Chris and other MPs about their day-to-day work in parliament and how they first became involved in campaigning. Chris Elmore MP said “I think Parliament week is incredibly important to make sure people know what we do here in Parliament. Most will only see clips of Parliament through Prime Ministers Questions which may not show the work we do in a very good light. I hope to encourage more events like this so people can get to know what their MP does on a daily basis.” Mr Elmore plans on organising more events in Wales for Parliament week in the future.

Published and Promoted by Carys Price on behalf of Chris Elmore both at 44a Penybont Road, Pencoed, CF35 5RA.

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