Chris Elmore MP’s District Diary Column

Both locally and in Westminster it’s been really eventful to say the least in recent weeks. With Article 50 and International Women’s day and a new Llanharan bypass now looking more deliverable than ever before. I’ll start by talking about International Women’s Day. During the debate in Parliament I outlined the accomplishments of local women as well as the issues we still face.

I was one of a handful of men in Parliament to contribute to the International Women's day debate. More men must use the platforms they've been given to speak up for a more equal society. We shouldn't hide away from the realities of what inequality means for women and the impact it has on us as country and beyond.

If we don't stand with women and say it isn't acceptable that for every £1 a man earns a woman earns 81p. If we don't stand with women and say we must end violence against women and girls, then who will?

Women must always lead the charge for equality, but more men, should and must speak out, standing with women to say inequality is never acceptable. Our society is richer and achieves more when women aren't hampered by the inequalities often put in place by men.

Locally, it’s been an exciting time. RCT Council, with the driving campaign of Cllr's Geraint Hopkins and Roger Turner, Llanharan Community Councillors and local residents Sarah Linley & Maria Thomas (Maria being a community cllr too) to name just two have agreed to create the A473 bypass in Llanharan.

This will be a major scheme which will improve traffic flow through the village immensely. Geraint, Roger, Community Councillors & residents have worked tirelessly to secure this major funding and I’m so pleased to support them.

I was delighted to be at Llanharry Spar to present their new defibrillator along with Welsh Hearts, Huw Irranca-Davies AM and local Councillor, Barry Stephens.

These portable lightweight devices designed to be used by people with minimal or no training on someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest. The team who fund raised almost £2000 to secure two defibrillators for the village are to be congratulated and I'm looking forward to working with them on future fundraising projects.

It is a shocking statistic that Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) kills over 2000 people a week in the UK alone. At least 12 of these will be young people. 80% of these arrests occur out of hospital. In communities with access to an defibrillator, prompt defibrillation puts survival rates at over 50%: it literally is a life saver. I hope to see these in all communities.

Business in Llanharry is thriving and it was excellent to visit businesses in the village recently to discuss issues they're currently facing - what was clear was a real sense of community support for local shops, with a real sense retailers are on the up in the village. My sincere thanks to Cllr Barry Stephens and all the business owners who took time out to chat with me.

As ever, I’ll be hosting advice surgeries around the constituency. So if you have any issues you are more than welcome to attend. Please to find out more information on locations. If you can not attend surgery but have an issue please feel free to email me call my office on 01656 860 034.

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