“Help Those Whose World Has Stopped”, says Ogmore MP

Chris Elmore, MP for Ogmore, sought to raise awareness of the important issue of pregnancy and baby loss during Baby Loss Awareness Week this week.

Across the UK, an average of nine babies are still born every single day, resulting in heartbreak for relatives, friends, but most importantly the mother and the father.

Mr Elmore commented: “The loss of a baby is unimaginable for somebody who hasn’t gone through it. The world must just stop. This week has provided a great opportunity to raise awareness of this, often taboo, issue which affects so many.”

Around half of all stillbirths are linked to placental complications. Other causes include

bleeding before or during labour, placental abruption, pre-eclampsia, a problem with the umbilical cord, obstetric cholestasis, a genetic physical defect in the baby, pre-existing diabetes, and infection in the mother that also affects the baby. Reduced fetal movement is a good indicator of stillbirth, with slowing down of movement noticed by the mother in around half of stillbirths.

The Ogmore MP continued: “For too long now this subject has been a taboo. A behind closed doors issue. We need to ensure that the support for families who are going through hell is there where they need it. We also need to give them the space they need – particularly in the workplace – to begin to recover from the trauma of losing a child.”

Promisingly, the number of still births is decreasing worldwide: a 19.4 per cent decrease was observed globally between 2000 and 2015. Despite this cause for optimism, an estimated 4.2 million women are living with depression associated with a still birth.

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