PMQs: Theresa May Urged To Intervene at Ford, Bridgend, After “Neglecting” Welsh Economy

Ogmore MP, Chris Elmore, challenged Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, accusing her of neglecting the South Wales economy.

Mr Elmore said: “The Prime Minister will be aware that last month, Jaguar Land Rover announced that they would be ending their contract early, putting 640 jobs at risk. The Prime Minister has scrapped rail electrification, is flip-flopping on delivering the tidal lagoon, so will she now step up, work with Welsh Government, Ford, and the trade unions, help save the jobs and help ensure a positive future for the South Wales economy?”.

Wednesday’s edition of PMQs follows the Prime Minister’s disastrous conference speech which saw Theresa May embarrassed by comedian, Simon Brodkin, handing her a P45. This security breach was only to be followed up with a bad cough which saw Mrs May struggle to finish her speech as her campaign slogan literally fell apart behind her.

In response to Mr Elmore’ question, Theresa May refused to step in to help workers at the engine plant, instead asserting that the government would respond to the Hendry Review in relation to the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon “soon”.

Mr Elmore commented: “Another total non-answer from the Prime Minister. This comes as no surprise after her decision to scrap rail electrification. The fact is that this Prime Minister is more interested in saving her own job than saving jobs at Ford, Bridgend”.

The government has previously been accused of facilitating a “sweetheart deal” which led to Jaguar Land Rover to relocate their engine production to a plant in Wolverhampton.

Following the announcement by Jaguar Land Rover, Mr Elmore released a joint statement with Ogmore Welsh Assembly Member, Huw Irranca-Davies, calling on the UK government to intervene to help create a sustainable long-term future for the plant.

The statement claimed that “stealing away jobs from Bridgend” was not a good way of the UK government demonstrating its support to the Welsh Government and trade union efforts to help workers at the plant.

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