Strong Leadership Needed to Tackle HIV Internationally, says Ogmore MP

MP for Ogmore, Chris Elmore, has reaffirmed his support for those living with HIV this week and has called for a strong leadership from the UK Government to help tackle the issue internationally.

Mr Elmore met with STOPAIDS this week, which is a membership network of 70 organisations with a distinguished 30-year history. STOPAIDS believes that the only way to tackle HIV and AIDS is through cooperation. They would like to see a truly global response to tackling the illness.

Chris Elmore MP commented: “We have come along way in terms of reducing the stigma around HIV and AIDS but there is still much more to be done internationally. The UK Government must be a leader on this issue; not a follower.”

An estimated 101,200 people are currently living with HIV in the UK. Of these, 13 per cent are undiagnosed and therefore unaware that they are infected.

The Ogmore MP continued: “It was great to meet with STOPAIDS and hear about the valuable work that they do. Many people think that HIV and AIDS but until the world is free from the virus, the job can never truly be complete.”

STOPAIDS takes three strategic approaches to achieve their goal: engaging with key decision makers, mobilising support through Parliament, and developing evidence-based policy positions to forward the cause. You can get involved with STOPAIDS by visiting:

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