People Need a REAL Living Wage, says Ogmore MP

Chris Elmore, MP for Ogmore, has become a Living Wage Champion this week and called on the UK Government to implement a ‘real’ leaving wage.

Meeting with the Living Wage Foundation in Parliament, the local MP voiced his concerns about how many communities are struggling as their salary gets squeezed.

Mr Elmore said: “The Tories’ fake living wage – which is only paid to people who are over 25 years old – is an absolute con. It’s a minimum wage and is not enough to live on even if you work full time. I want a real living wage set by an independent body which means people don’t have to struggle with the backdrop of endless cuts.”

The national living wage, as set by the UK Government, is currently £7.50 per hour. The Living Wage Foundation currently recommends a meaningful living wage being set at £8.45 outside of London and £9.75 within London.

The MP continued: “It’s staggering that across the Ogmore constituency alone, 33 per cent of workers are estimated to earn less than the currently recommended living wage. That’s 5,000 people who, along with other factors, are struggling to make ends meet. We shouldn’t put up with it – the Government should stop spinning their minimum wage and give people the pay rise they deserve!”

Across Wales, nearly a quarter of workers are paid below the real living wage, amounting to a colossal 287,000 people.

The number of employers paying the living wage on a voluntary basis is expanding. You can find living wage employers locally by visiting:

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