UK Government Blocks Votes for 16 Year-olds

Backbench Conservative MPs filibustered a key debate in Parliament last week which would have extended the vote to 16 year-olds.

The current voting age at General Elections is 18. Jim McMahon MP’s Private Members’ Bill sought to reduce this age to extend democratic participation to 16 and 17 year-olds.

Local MP, Chris Elmore, who is supportive of the Bill, said: “I think it’s clear from this year’s General Election that the Tories are scared of young people’s voices being heard. It’s disgraceful that Conservative MPs have denied young people up and down our country the right to have a real say in their future.”

The Ogmore MP has been a big advocate of reducing the voting age and has often spoken up for the rights of young people in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

This development comes after the Welsh Government recently consulted on new proposals to extend the vote to 16 year-olds in local government elections in Wales.

Mr Elmore continued: “The Welsh Labour Government are setting an example by giving young people a voice which will hopefully help to get more people involved in politics at an earlier age. The Tories’ decision to block the extension of this right to General Elections erodes trust in our democracy. If you’re able to get married and serve in the armed forces at 16, you should be able to vote.”

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