My Glamorgan Gem Column - January 2018

My Glamorgan Gem Column - Chris Elmore MP

January 2018

This Saturday marks Holocaust Memorial Day 2018. Whilst the events of World War II and the Holocaust may seem like the distant past, it is imperative that we take the opportunity which Holocaust Memorial Day provides to remember the millions of people who were murdered by the Nazi regime, and subsequently in genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

We must always learn lessons from the past to ensure that such atrocities never happen again. Some may think such crimes could not occur in the present day but the biggest risk to this statement being rendered false is complacency. Across our communities, we must always endeavour to challenge antisemitism wherever and whenever it’s ugly head emerges.

From the left. From the right. From anyone. It is simply unacceptable and must be called out without fear or hesitation.

Globally, we live in challenging times. Since the last Holocaust Memorial Day, we have seen the President of the United States – the Leader of the Free World – failing to condemn neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. This is a symptom of the divisive and repugnant attitudes which lie beneath the surface and have gone largely unchecked for too long across the Western World and beyond in recent years. This is the reason why Holocaust Memorial Day is so important: we have a moral obligation to educate the next generation of the true horrors of the Holocaust and the disgusting ideology behind it.

I would like to personally thank the Holocaust Educational Trust for the incredible work they do to ensure that future generations are educated about the Holocaust. I know that this work is invaluable in helping to ensure that no population of any background, religion, creed, sexuality or race is ever persecuted for their beliefs ever again.

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