My Glamorgan Gazette Column - March 2018

Chris Elmore's Westminster Eye

We’re now just 12 months away from leaving the European Union and my Welsh Labour colleagues and I are working hard in Parliament to get the best deal for Wales and the wider UK. This month, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting several local businesses across Ogmore, including Wales Interactive in Pencoed and Corilla Plastics in Pontycymer. A big concern of mine at the moment is giving fantastic businesses like these, which provide employment and economic growth for our communities, the certainty they need for the future.

I’ve been keeping the pressure on the UK Government on this issue because I feel that the Tories’ current mismanagement of the Brexit negotiations is causing a wave of uncertainty to emanate across the UK. Just last week, we’ve seen Ford (which is, of course, a key local employer) and Airbus calling for clarity from the government to help with future investment decisions. When big companies like these begin calling the government out so publically on this issues, it is clear that ministers are leaving businesses in a very difficult situation.

Likewise, when considering new international trade deals, which is a key cornerstone of the Tories’ post-Brexit policy, I’ve been very clear that any new agreements must not damage the interests of Welsh businesses. For example, recently I tackled the government on the issue of the Welsh Lamb industry: Welsh farmers must not be sold out simply to make a deal with New Zealand. Nobody voted leave to be worse off and it’s high time the government got it’s act together and gave Welsh businesses the clarity and the certainty they so desperately need. This isn’t scaremongering: it is the reality of the government’s mishandling of Brexit to date.

I very much enjoy discussing people’s views on Brexit and I directly feed these conversations into my campaigning on this issue in Parliament. I will continue to work hard for a Brexit that works for the people of Wales and the Welsh economy.

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