Chris’ Gem Column: Closing a Very Eventful Term in Parliament

As Parliament closes its doors for another summer recess I have time to reflect on what has been one of the most eventful few weeks in my, admittedly short, parliamentary career. Talks of an agreed Brexit deal was followed by mass resignation in the cabinet which then caused the government to be in sixes and sevens over the “unified Brexit position”. It's felt as although that Theresa May was in office – she certainly was not in power. Theresa May’s, now essential defunct, Brexit proposals have been shambolic. I’ve not seen a capitulation like it. The likes of Rees-Mogg and Boris have thrown everything into chaos. We currently don’t have anything like a deal and only a maximum of 8 months to negotiate it. If it weren’t one of the most serious issues facing this country since the war, it would almost be funny. We’re now looking down a barrel of a no-deal Brexit or a hard Brexit – both would leave the country in a very very dangerous position. And while I respect the vote to leave, no one voted for economic instability and a capitulating government on the brink of implosion. Away from the bizarre world of Brexit: other very important things have been discussed over the past few weeks – many may have seen my contributions on my Facebook page. I’ve discussed with ministers what their industrial strategy to ensure jobs of secured industries, like Bridgend Ford, are protected in the future. It is vital that the Westminster Government work with the Welsh Government to protect these vital jobs, not just in our area but across Wales.

I’ve also raised my concerns over the lack of funding to our police force. It was suggested by the Police Chief Counsel that rural police officers should be armed to tackle funding shortfalls of our armed response unit. I for one, think that adequately funding our trained armed response units would be far more practical, and more importantly safe. That’s just two examples of where Parliament isn’t necessarily all Brexit at the moment. Although it is very difficult to avoid the side show of Brexit, admittedly. I’m looking forward to recess where I can spend more time visiting and supporting community projects around Ogmore. If you have a community project you’d like me to look round, give advice with etc please do get in touch. Likewise, I’ll be having surgeries all over the constituency but if you can’t attend and would like some advice please email me on or call my office on 01656 860 034.

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