Labour Party Conference: Leader's Speech

An impassioned speech from Jeremy Corbyn to close this year’s Labour Party Conference. Whilst the Tories are in complete and utter disarray over Brexit, Labour is united in challenging Theresa May’s reckless Tory Brexit strategy (or non-strategy as the case appears to be).

Jeremy rightly exposed the devastating impact 8 long years of Tory Government have caused and suggested an ambitious policy agenda to turn our country around. In particular, it was great to hear about the new 400,000 green jobs which would be created under a Labour Government to grow our economy and help to tackle climate change - one of the greatest threats we face. Of course, I'm also delighted that earlier today Jeremy confirmed a Labour Government will deliver the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon after the Tories' short-sighted decision to scrap it earlier this year.

The message from this conference is clear. In the words of Theresa May’s ridiculous speech following the Salzburg summit last week – we stand ready. Ready to defeat this Tory Government. Ready to deliver for our communities.

It was great to hear Jeremy speak about the importance of protecting workers’ rights, defending jobs and taking decisive and radical action to ensure our economy works for all of our communities across our country, not just the privileged few.

Labour stands committed and determined to secure a UK Labour Government at the earliest opportunity to finally end the 8 long years of Tory austerity which have caused untold damage to millions of people across our communities.

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