My Gazette Column November 2018

Another Week, Another Resignation, Another Swing and Miss on Brexit

Another week in Westminster and yet more resignations due to the Prime Minister’s (Theresa May at time of writing!) amateurish approach to Brexit. The Tories are prizing themselves apart while the country wanders, rudderless, towards a no deal Brexit. It was clear, before the Prime Minister made her statement to Parliament, that the agreement she had prepared with the EU was already dead in the water.

Whether you voted leave or remain – you didn’t vote for this. This is a template for a blind Brexit. A miserable failure after two years of negotiations. The declaration is extraordinarily vague and is even more flimsy than we all feared. In order to vote for something so important it is my responsibility as an MP to know the detail, precise and substantive repercussions of the laws I’ll be voting on. This is not that document. It isn’t the document we were promised by May and Raab (the then Brexit Secretary). Here are some of the issues I have with the document: No mention of workplace rights, environmental protections, No agreement on continued cooperation in agencies. The Prime Minister wants to give up on maintaining European Arrest Warrant arrangements. It doesn’t mention Wales – and believe me, these are but a few of my issues. I respect the referendum – but no one voted for this.

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