Yesterday's Meaningful Vote on Brexit

Yesterday, MPs voted on Brexit, arguably the most important issue the country has faced in the post-war era. I am grateful to everyone who has contacted me to share their views on this issue; as always, they have helped inform my view on this matter and, the course of action I have taken as a result. Of course, whilst MPs are representatives and not delegates of their constituents, I really value the thoughts everyone has come forward with on this issue of national importance. Of the correspondence I have received, there has been a wide range of view expressed from all sections of the Brexit spectrum.

Since I was first elected Ogmore’s Member of Parliament, I have always tried to be as clear as possible with constituents about my positions on key issues, and Brexit is no exception.

I voted against the Government’s Brexit deal for the same reasons I outlined in the House of Commons last week. Simply put, Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement would have meant that communities here in Ogmore and across UK would be:

· economically worse off;

· a rule taker with no say in EU rules moving forwards;

· even further divided as a society than we are today.

I could not in all good conscience vote for a policy which would have made Ogmore poorer. I would not do so if voting on taxation, departmental priorities, or any other issue that is put before the House of Commons. For me, Brexit simply could not be an exception to this rule.

You can view my full speech to the debate on Theresa May’s Brexit deal via my Facebook page here:

From day one of her Premiership, Theresa May has treated Parliament, the EU, and above all the British people with contempt. Now that her her Brexit deal is defeated, her government must fall.

I’ve been very clear that if we are in a situation where the government remains in place and Parliament is still unable to reach a consensus on this issue, Brexit must put it back to the British people in a public vote.

The division we see in our society is real and deeply worrying. I fear for the future direction of our country, and will do everything I can to try to seek a path which starts to heal these divisions. I am 100% confident that the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan will be counterproductive to these efforts in the unlikely event that it passes through Parliament.

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