“From The Horse’s Mouth”: Chris Elmore On Tory MP’s Damning Assessment of Universal Credit

MP for Ogmore, Chris Elmore, has spoken of his dismay at the continuing roll-out of Universal Credit which was condemned by a ConservativeMP at Prime Minister’s Questions this week.

Tory MP for South Cambridgeshire, Heidi Allen, called on Theresa May to review the benefit cap and 5-week delay built into the new benefit system.

Damningly, she then proceeded to say that her government’s welfare policies meant that the “welfare safety net is no longer holding up those most vulnerable in society, it’s tangling around their feet and dragging them under the water.”

Speaking after Prime Minister’s Questions, Chris Elmore MP said:

“How many more voices from across the poitical spectrum need to come out and tell Theresa May what an utterly damaging impact Universal Credit is having.

After we had Amber Rudd admitting earlier this week that the rise in food bank usage was linked to Universal Credit, it’s time the Tories finally listened to Labour’s call to halt the roll-out once and for all.”

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions revealed that her department had now acknowledged the rise in food bank reliance as a result of the roll-out and were now acting to reduce it. Until this week, ministers had denied that this was ever the case.

Chris Elmore MP continued:

“At least we’re having some honesty from the Secretary of State but it means nothing if she doesn’t take meaningful action to ensure this worrying trend does not continue.”

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