“Let Nature Sing”, says Ogmore MP

Ogmore’s MP, Chris Elmore, has added his support to the RSPB’s “Let Nature Sing” campaign which seeks to reverse the damaging trend of bird species decline sweeping across the UK.

165 bird species are currently critically endangered in the UK and since 1996, 40 million birds have been lost.

The RSPB is calling on the public to download their new song – also called “Let Nature Sing” – to make the public aware of the need to protect domestic biodiversity.

This campaign comes at a time when climate change campaigners across the country, and around the world, have called for real and meaningful action from government’s around the world to prevent a global climate catastrophe.

Chris Elmore MP said:

“Biodiversity is so important – not just for the animals themselves, but because it supports life as we know it on our planet. We cannot afford to let the mass extinction we’re seeing around the globe continue on our shores.

“I’m really glad that environmental issues are coming to the forefront of the political agenda at the moment. I only hope that this national conversation results in tangible action from our government.”

You can download the “Let Nature Sing” single here: https://www.rspb.org.uk/get-involved/campaigning/let-nature-sing/.

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