“Stop Outsourcing Welfare To The BBC”, Elmore Tells Tories

Ogmore MP Chris Elmore has slammed plans to charge pensioners for TV licenses, as announced by the BBC today.

At the 2017 General Election, the Conservative Party stood on a manifesto pledging to protect free TV licenses for over 75s but since then have handed the power to do so over to the BBC directly.

As a result of the move, only over 75s in receipt of Pension Credit will remain eligible to have the fee waived.

Commenting on the decision, Chris Elmore MP said:

“It’s time the Tories stopped outsourcing welfare to the BBC and delivered on the pledge they made to pensioners at the last election.

“This will hit pensioners hard who are struggling with the burden of continued Tory austerity.

“On the same week where we’ve had Tory leadership candidates racing to see who can make the biggest tax cuts for the rich, this is another kick in the teeth for communities who are suffering under their divisive policies.”

On 8th May, Labour passed an Opposition Day motion in the House of Commons stating that any changes to existing TV licence concessions must have Parliamentary consent.

Prime Minister Theresa May has said she was “disappointed” with the decision.

Chris Elmore MP said:

“How can Theresa May say she’s disappointed with a decision that has been made as a direct result of her decisions? The Prime Minister can try and spin her way out of this all she likes in a van attempt to protect her legacy but the truth is this just shows how little she cares about helping the so-called just about managing.”

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