Ogmore MP Supports Move To Support Parents Of Premature Babies

Chris Elmore, MP for Ogmore, has supported a cross-party move in Parliament to extend maternity and paternity leave for parents of sick or premature babies.

Chris became a signatory to a new Ten Minute Rule Bill which seeks to lengthen parental leave in the event of a baby being born prematurely or with a severe illness. Scottish MP David Linden drafted the Bill with colleagues after his new-born daughter was left fighting for her life in a neonatal unit last year.

Under current UK law, partners get a maximum of 2 weeks parental leave and must use it within the first 56 days after their child is born.

Several countries, such as Sweden, have different rules where parental leave only begins when a child is discharged from hospital.

Chris Elmore MP said:

“Our parental leave laws are becoming more and more generous which is absolutely the direction we should be going in. I’m pleased that the UK has been a leader on this for a long time now.

“One thing we’ve rarely considered though is what happens to parents when their baby is born very early or very unwell.

“We can’t leave a parent’s ability to have time off work up to am employers digression. It’s only right that we build some leeway into the system to support parents who find themselves in this incredibly distressing position.”

The government have since announced that they will consult on the proposal.

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