“No Second Chances With Second Hand Goods”, says Ogmore MP

Ogmore MP Chris Elmore has thrown his weight behind Electrical Safety First’s “No Second Chances” campaign, which seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of buying faulty second-hand goods.

Electricity causes over half of the fires in UK homes and, between 2015-2016, they were responsible for 1,380 deaths and injuries - an average of 27 each week, or 4 a day.

Chris Elmore MP said:

“Government figures show that five fires a day in the UK are caused by white goods alone. This includes products like washing machines and fridge-freezers – essential appliances which many of us have in our homes.

“While the damage to property runs into millions of pounds, you can’t put a price on the personal cost. People need to be aware of the risk they are taking when they are buying second-hand electricals.”

The rapid rise of online shopping is helping to fuel the market in second-hand goods, yet there is little real protection for the consumer when buying from a private seller. And previous research by Electrical Safety First makes clear that many people think they are buying from online platforms – i.e. a recognised business - rather than an individual seller. Worryingly, given the low success rate of product recalls (estimated to be only 10-20% effective), it is likely that a large number of recalled products are being bought and sold in the second- hand goods market.

Robert Jervis-Gibbons, Public Affairs Manager for the Charity, said:

"We would always recommend that consumers ask for proof that second-hand electrical items have been thoroughly checked and certified for use by a qualified electrician before purchasing. But whenever possible, we always recommend buying an electrical product from a reputable business trader. "

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