Yellowhammer Shows No Deal Should Never Be Countenanced – Ogmore MP

Ogmore MP Chris Elmore has said “the debate on No Deal Brexit should now be over” following the government’s publication of the Operation Yellowhammer planning documents.

Last Monday, prior to the prorogation of Parliament, MPs forced the government to release the Yellowhammer contingency planning documents which reveal the significant risks a No Deal Brexit poses for the UK.

The document is short, running at only 5 pages, yet it contains shocking impact assessments which predict lorry delays of up to 2.5 days at Dover, significant food and medical supply shortages, geopolitical instability in Northern Ireland and numerous other issues. There have also been claims the government doctored the document to downplay public anxieties.

Chris Elmore MP said:

“Whatever your view on Brexit, it cannot be right that any responsible government would be willing to countenance such a scenario; however unlikely ministers may claim it to be.

“This isn’t a document that has been drawn up by people who would rather we remained in the EU – it is the UK Government’s own planning document. Far from project fear, Yellowhammer is 5 pages of project reality which show where the government assess we could end up if we continue with their own flagship policy of leaving on October 31st “do or die”.”

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