Queen’s Speech Was “Taxpayer Funded Propaganda”, says Ogmore MP

Ogmore MP Chris Elmore has slammed last week’s Queen’s Speech as a piece of “taxpayer funded propaganda” and indicated that Boris Johnson cannot be trusted to keep his promises.

The contentious Queen’s Speech took place last Monday, and sought to set out the UK Government’s future legislative agenda, despite having no Parliamentary majority.

Chris made a speech to Parliament on Wednesday (16th October) where he likened the Queen’s Speech to a pseudo election manifesto launch. During his speech, the Ogmore MP said that nothing set out in the government’s so-called “domestic agenda” would help the 1950s women affected by the government’s state pension changes, those suffering on Universal Credit, or the public sector workers who have seen their pay flatline for a decade.

Chris also unpicked the Tories’ promise to recruit 20,000 “new” police officers; highlighting that, since 2010, frontline police numbers have fallen by around 21,000 under both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. In a pointed swipe at the Tory leader, he stated that this showed that Boris Johnson’s agenda was simply a set of “pie in the sky” pledges that the “resident wolf in sheep’s clothing” would ultimately fail to deliver.

Chris Elmore MP said:

“Yet again Boris Johnson is willing to use any means necessary to further his own ambitions. He has a majority of minus 45 and has neither the credibility nor the practical means to deliver on the vast majority of pledges he has made.

“The Prime Minister might as well paint these promises on the side of a big red bus as they’re worth about as much as his infamous £350,000 a week for the NHS pledge.

“Behind the bluff and bluster, the reality is the communities I represent have had to endure nearly a decade of Tory austerity and nothing mentioned in the Queens Speech will improve the situation they are now in. A few slogans won’t paper over the huge cracks the Tories have forged across our society.”

Chris praised the efforts of the Welsh Labour Government in trying to counter the impact of austerity by providing funding for 500 police community support officers (PCSOs) to plug the gap that has been created in community policing. He also said that Welsh ministers had used “every lever at their disposal” to counter the impact of continued cuts from the UK Government but conceded that the “thin slices” of funding being given to Wales were rapidly becoming “crumbs”.

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