Ogmore MP Pushes for Clarity on Overseas Campaign Funding

Ogmore MP Chris Elmore has called on the UK Government to clarify and implement recommendations made by the Electoral Commission on overseas funding in UK election campaigns.

During Cabinet Office Questions last Wednesday, Chris asked ministers to clarify when discussions with the Electoral Commission would end and when their recommendations around strengthening campaign spending rules would be implemented.

Chris Elmore MP said:

“There have been many stories in the press from numerous countries around the world about undue influence within domestic election processes from foreign actors. The public need to know that the government is doing all it can to protect our democratic processes and that campaign funding is legitimate, fair and has not been influenced by vested interests from other countries.”

The Hansard Society’s 2019 Audit of Political Engagement reported that faith in the integrity of the UK’s political system have reached their lowest ebb for 15 years; and are even worse now than they were during the MPs’ expenses scandal. 72% of people think the system of governing needs “quite a lot” or “a great deal” of improvement.

Chris Elmore MP added:

“It’s clear that faith in our political system is now worryingly low which means it’s vital we renew our democracy to be as transparent and robust as possible.

“Our democracy is one of the oldest and strongest in the world and the Electoral Commission’s work is vital in helping us defend and strengthen that reputation. The UK Government need to publish their consultation with the Electoral Commission and other stakeholders to ensure that the rules around overseas funding are watertight. We cannot allow our democracy to be compromised.”

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