“Our devolved administrations deserve genuine consultation” – Chris Elmore MP

Chris Elmore MP has called on the UK Government to finally start working with the Welsh Government to clarify how the Shared Prosperity Fund will work for Wales.

Following numerous interventions from the Ogmore MP during the last Parliament, Chris highlighted the uncertainty plaguing the Welsh economy as a result of the UK Government’s intransigence.

The Shared Prosperity Fund is set to be used as a vehicle through which the UK Government can allocate regional investment that would otherwise have stemmed from EU funding streams. Concerns have repeatedly been raised about the amount of funding that will be made available to Wales through the fund post-2020.

During the passage of the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill last week, the Ogmore MP highlighted the lack of consultation with the devolved administrations across the UK about the fund.

Chris Elmore MP said:

“We are nearly two years on from when consultations with the devolved administrations should have taken place and ended on the Shared Prosperity Fund. Yet, colleagues in the Welsh Labour Government have said that Conservative Ministers are once again dragging their feet.”

“Our communities and businesses across Wales need certainty and the UK Government is giving them anything but.”

Wales currently receives around £680 million of EU funds every year. In per-person terms, this represents twice as much as any other country in the UK.

Chris Elmore MP added:

“Conservative Ministers have shown time and time again throughout the Brexit process that they have no respect for the devolved administrations.

“It’s time they got back around the table, worked with ministers in the Welsh Labour Government and gave the Welsh economy and the Welsh people the certainty we need and deserve.”

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