PM’s plan to “build, build, build” must benefit communities in Wales – Ogmore MP

Local Welsh Labour MP for Ogmore, Chris Elmore, has said Boris Johnson’s plan to “build, build, build” the country’s way out of the economic crisis caused by coronavirus presents “little, if anything, new” for communities in Wales.

Speaking in the West Midlands on Tuesday (30 June), the Prime Minister said that now was the time to be “ambitious” about the country’s future. Despite this, the plan outlined was vague and contained several commitments which had previously been made several times.

As part of his speech, the Prime Minister also announced plans to invest £1 billion to build new schools in England, after a decade of stagnation. In contrast, by 2024, the Welsh Labour Government’s 21st Century Schools programme will have invested £3.7 billion in new and refurbished learning hubs – the biggest investment since the 1960s.

Chris Elmore MP said:

“Boris Johnson’s grandstanding this week has largely been a series of re-announcements of old pledges and commitments – this is simply not good enough.

“I believe Britain needs a back to work Budget with a focus on jobs, jobs, jobs, to ensure that we bring about a sustainable economic recovery that benefits the whole of the UK – including communities here in Wales.

“Individuals and families in my Ogmore constituency have just borne the brunt of 10 years of Tory austerity. We can’t return to this economic mindset again – put simply, there is nothing left to cut.

“If the UK Government is serious about levelling up our country, they’ll work with the official opposition and the Welsh Labour Government to deliver the economic shift we badly need across our country.”

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