Chris Elmore MP votes to protect holiday pay and 48-hour weekly working limit

Chris Elmore, MP for Ogmore, has voted to protect holiday pay entitlements and safe working limits following the Government’s admission that employment protections are being reviewed to see which to scrap and which to keep.

The Government will be consulting on changes to employment rights that could result in the ending of inclusion of overtime in how holiday pay is calculated, leaving workers hundreds of pounds out of pocket; a longer working week with no legal cap on the number of hours employers can make their employees work; and the end to the legal right to rest breaks at work.

The Government refused to support Labour’s motion which called on the Government to specifically rule out any changes to the 48-hour working week, rest breaks at work, or holiday entitlements, and to outlaw fire and rehire tactics.

Chris Elmore, MP for Ogmore, said:

“In the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis the Government should be focusing on protecting jobs and securing the economy, yet Ministers are considering changes to workers’ rights which would see people in Ogmore even more worse off, losing out on holiday pay and working longer hours.

“Scrapping the 48-hour working week cap could mean that many feel pressured to work excessive hours. This is not what our key workers and their families deserve.

“Despite repeatedly making vague promises to maintain employment rights, the Government have once again shown their true colours. Workers and their families are far down their priority list. Conservative MP’s must think again and keep their promise.”

Published and Promoted by Carys Price on behalf of Chris Elmore both at 44a Penybont Road, Pencoed, CF35 5RA.

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